Product Designer

From taxi, containers and heavy equipments, to logistics, Blue Bird Group is a holding group that is ready to cater to all your needs.

To many citizens of Jakarta and many other big cities in Indonesia, Blue Bird Group isn’t just a taxi company, but a part of their lifestyle. By serving millions of passengers every month, Blue Bird Group has extended its services, from taxis to limousines and car rentals, bus charters, logistics, industry, property, IT and supporting services and heavy equipments.

We are committed to always keeping our service quality in every business that we do. Now Blue Bird Group’s services can be enjoyed not only in Jakarta but also in other cities in Indonesia, as well as hearts of business and tourism spots across the nation.

🎨 Job Description

  • Minimum bachelor degree from any major, from System Information or related major will be a plus
  • Have experience min. 2-3 years as UI/UX or Product Designer
  • Collaborate and coordinate with Product managers, engineers and stakeholders to build/improve user experience toward that vision.
  • Proactively seek/give feedback from other stakeholders to ensure that concepts meet the intended project goal.
  • Create intuitive design for web and mobile applications as well as enhance the existing user interface design based on the users’ needs, business objectives, and technological considerations.

🤹🏻 Skills

  • Familiar with data and can identify problem areas, further map out the user journey, and break the problems into smaller chunks.
  • Possess a good knowledge of design fundamentals, such as design thinking framework and other frameworks to develop products.
  • Able to sketch the ideas into wireframes, learn how to make wireflow, and do wireframing for well-defined features.
  • Have a good knowledge of the tools, such as Figma, Overflow, Miro, Google docs, Notion, or similar ones that are widely used by UI/UX Designers.
  • Experience working on the mobile app and web design.
  • Having knowledge of designing, implementing, or evolving design frameworks.

🍩 Benefit

Blue Bird

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