UX Researcher

Glints bridges the gap between education and employment by being a professional platform for young people focused on career discovery and development.

We help young people discover their passions and develop the relevant career skills, while empowering employers to attract the right talent more effectively.We’re looking for someone who has experience with a variety of field research methods and a proven track record for uncovering actionable insights.

You will have a significant impact on our business executing innovative and influential user research that help guide decisions as we create engaging, delightful, and user-focused experiences for the next generation of features and experiences of the Glints products.

🎨 Job Description

1. Help product teams to determine the right research strategies to conduct, creating long-term research roadmaps and opportunity frameworks that align to and inform business strategy and goals.

2. Apply a variety of research methods to drive user insights at every stage of design and development.

3. Collaborate, plan and execute research activities end-to-end including user recruitment, research design, moderation / facilitation and synthesisInfluence the team by delivering actionable insights through impactful presentations in order to influence product decisions and design deliverables

4. Document processes in the Glints Handbook to make learning, transitioning, and handovers fast, efficient, and seamless.

🤹🏻 Skillls

1. Super-duper passionate about using research to guide product development and decision making.

2. You aren't afraid to challenge stakeholders and prevailing assumptions, and make decisions based on evidence instead.

3. You proactively identify usability concerns within products, select the best methodology to clarify the issues, conduct the research, and present actionable recommendations to improve designs

4. You have strong and clear communication skills and can work effectively with teams in multiple locations. Okay this is standard :)

Nice to have:

1. Pray and wait isn't your style. You have experience getting buy-in from stakeholders with compelling storied backed by UX research.

2. Walking Research Dictionary. We know, we know, there's always Google. But hell, you should be faster than 3G when quizzed about research techniques and principles even without data connection. Welcome to Asia. ;)

3. A Juggler – you can manage multiple projects in parallel in a fast-paced, creative environment (doesn't happen every time but at least you're prepared when the :shit: hits the fan xD )

4. In your cover letter, tell us why you're keen on this position, and how you'd best love to contribute!

🍩 Benefit

1. Flexible working hours

2. Personalized training and development opportunities

3. Great culture & driven cross-functional team with strong product ownership

4. Regular overseas retreats

5. Access to mentors and Venture Capitalists (our investors are pretty dope!)


Please refer 👋 Halo Designers on your application to be considered