UX Designer

At Ula we leverage the power of technology to level the playing field for small retailers. Our ambitious and diverse team builds innovative solutions, addressing major pain points around supply chain and financial services to keep our retailers competitive in today's digital age. Our B2B marketplace provides small retailers competitive pricing, wide & accessible variety and favourable payment terms, all at the push of a button.

We aim to grow together with our customers. This means we measure our success by the success of the retailers on our platform.

🎨 Job Description

  • Be a voice of the customer; working to ensure the products we build solve a core unmet need, while exceeding their quality expectations to earn their trust. All the while taking user feedback to provide meaningful improvements to the user experience.
  • Work collaboratively with product, engineering and business functions to understand requirements, to provide creative, thoughtful solutions
  • Showcase your end-to-end design process of the user experience through wireframes, user journey flows, storyboards, mockups, to high fidelity prototypes
  • Continuously champion high quality design-centered practices

What you’ll work on

  • We are uniquely positioned to start from scratch. This is an opportunity to exercise what you know, starting with first principles. We’re testing the marketplace with a limited market test in December, and launching our MVP in January 2020. By March 2020, we are targeting 1,000 merchants, and by March 2021, we’re targeting 30,000 merchants. If you’ve worked in a B2B context, you’ll know this is a challenge!
  • Example projects for this role:
  • Evaluate new platform features to improve customer retention.
  • Empathize with customers to recommend new application ideas.
  • Understand customer pain-points to improve usability of the platform.
  • Engage with customers to discover desirability of platform features.
  • Test new platform features in the market to gather feedback.

🤹🏻 Skills

🍩 Benefit


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