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YellowChalk  are diverse individuals, but fiercely united in our passion to create fluid, moldable designs for you. Much like a chalk, we are amorphous - we absorb path breaking concepts, we emit ingenious ideas, and, like a true chalk, we leave a mark!

🎨 Job Description

We are looking for a User Experience designer who can deeply empathize with the users and take’s every step in the design process walking in their shoes.He/she should also have the capability to gauge the scope and scale of the project understanding various technological and business constraints.

A knack for attention to micro details and rapid decision making are immensely appreciated at yellowchalk.


  • 3-4 Years

Must Know:

  • UX Research
  • Wireframing and UI prototyping
  • Usability

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Creative, Enthusiastic to learn and Adaptable
  • Designing to Solve problems and go beyond what is on the screen
  • Experience of directly/indirectly working in UX process, like engaging with various project teams likedevelopment team, stakeholder, etc.
  • Ready to work with other creative minds and also adapt based on projects

You will get a chance to:

  • Lead UX activities and solve actual business problems
  • Execute actual user research and plans for qualitative Studies
  • Analyse and convert research findings into UX artefacts/deliverables e.g. User Persona, System workflows and User stories
  • Rapidly ideate and validate designs with users and stakeholders
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams that helps achieve a UX solution that fits business goals and user goals

What will help you succeed:

  • Client-facing confidence to lead; humility to learn from others
  • Prefer an open, highly participatory work style
  • Inclined to focus on possibilities rather than limitations
  • Clearly communicate design decisions and build consensus through persuasive artefacts and conversation
  • Understanding of user research methodologies and when to apply them
  • Design portfolio showcasing, end-to-end design process. Samples of digital projects such as mobile apps, Web based products , kiosk displays, chatbots, etc.Explain deliverables and strategic reason for the same
  • Communication fluency in English

Rush your profile (Must submit an online portfolio of work in order to be considered)

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Please refer 👋 Halo Designers on your application to be considered