UX Design Lead

Future Creative Network is an Indonesian network of creative companies determined to transform business, brand, and consumer experience through technology and creativity.

🎨 Job Description

The Innovation department’s job is to:

  • Define & Design delightful interactive experiences.
  • Investigate client and user problems and design delightful interactive experiences, such as apps and websites, to solve them.
  • Design Thinking. Lead and maintain a collaborative & User Centric methodology to design solutions that delight users and businesses.

🤹🏻 Skills

And as our XD Lead you are our team’s coach and help form and execute the Experience Design services for large (regional) clients. This means you:

  • Impeccable Taste: You’re a very good designer with great taste. (But you’re not an asshole about it.)
  • Solution-Oriented: You know damn well that design is about people and solutions, not only how it looks.
  • Design Thinking Advocate. Understand the Design Thinking process and are able to lead the process for our clients to come up with innovative solutions based on users’ needs. This include:
  • Discover: Primary & Secondary (UX) research
  • Define: lead collaborative workshops in Figjam (or Miro/Mural) to come up with innovative solutions
  • Design: Lead the wireframes and design of the solutions in Figma
  • Implementation: work together with the PMO and Tech departments to implement solutions.
  • Modern Practitioner: You know all about design, tools, and methodologies to create solutions for design problems. E.g. you love Figma, Sketch, and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Leadership: You’re a beloved leader of designers and interns. You attract fantastic people and inspire them to do the best work of their careers.
  • Charming: You love working with clients, and clients love you right back.
  • Make things happen: You can take what is sometimes only an imperceptible hint of an idea, and with your team nudge and wrench it into a beautiful existence.
  • T-Shaped: You’ve grasped the technology your designs are built on, and you work well with the developers and product managers who make it happen.
  • Experience: You’ve spent at least 4 years at an agency, a startup, or a similar organization.
  • Value Champion: You understand our company culture and values, and you help us maintain them. But you’re also not afraid to intellectually spar with our CEO to get the right solution

🍩 Benefit

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