UX Researcher, Next Billion Users

User Experience (UX) Researchers work to answer the most challenging questions in design. With considerable experience, you evaluate all the features contributing to user experience, providing expertise, collaborating internally and occasionally leading projects. You contribute new processes and identify product and use requirements.

Our team uncovers human-centered insights and builds products for the next billion users to ensure that Google’s mission holds true for everyone, everywhere.

Our UX teams include designers, researchers, content strategists, and engineers who are passionate about quality, usability, and simplicity. We work on collaborative teams to solve complex challenges and craft experiences that highlight our products’ unique capabilities and personalities. Our work touches billions while exemplifying a key principle that is core to Google’s philosophy: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

🎨 Job Description

1. Identify and prioritize high-impact UX research opportunities by having an understanding of product design, technical requirements, and business objectives

2. Collaborate with stakeholders to understand research needs, quickly scope research projects, and develop research proposals that clearly convey the research goals, hypotheses, participant characteristics, and methods

3. Conduct a full range of research activities, including fieldwork, lab work, surveys, design sprints, literature reviews, and other relevant research approaches

4. Advocate for research methods and findings by building relationships with peers and leaders across various teams

5. Advocate research findings to diverse audiences through written reports and verbal presentations.

🤹🏻 Skillls

1. Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, Human Factors, Psychology, HCI/Computer Science, related fields or equivalent practical experience

2. 6 years of UX research experience

3. Experience conducting interviews, contextual field visits, usability studies, surveys and other research methods

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience with field research

2. Demonstrated product sense and focus on understanding on product/market landscape

3. Demonstrated systems-thinking skills

4. Ability to distill a problem space into understandable frameworks

5. Excellent leadership, communication and collaboration skills

🍩 Benefit


Please refer 👋 Halo Designers on your application to be considered