UX Lead

Huge is a global collective of designers, technologists and strategists. We help companies become trusted parts of people’s lives by creating products, services, and brands that people love.

We were the first agency to be founded on the idea that the principles of user experience should drive not just design, but business and marketing as well. We’re known for finding new ways to harmonize the things clients need with what users really want in order to create experiences that change industries.

We work with companies who are as committed to shaping culture and defining the future as we are. We specialize in helping clients overcome barriers to innovation and get to market quickly with the right product, campaign or initiative for their business.

🎨 Job Description

User Experience Leads oversee innovative and talented user centric design teams in developing information architecture for websites, products, and online interactions including various stages of product conceptualization and design strategy.

As talented with visual design as they are tech savvy, they develop graphical user interface, graphic designs, and interaction patterns; apply color theory and design principles to produce best aesthetics and ease of use; implement their knowledge of user centric design methodologies to determine product strategy, design concepts, perform user acceptance tests, and feature list definition; and even develop user personas from scenarios of use and interaction models.

User Experience Leads work quickly and collaboratively to perform rapid prototyping for validation of design solutions and high fidelity prototyping for user/usability testing using client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

🤹🏻 Skillls

1. A truly impressive background with experience creating interfaces, large-scale websites, or applications

2. Experience leading interdisciplinary teams in creating products that consider innovation and usability. Huge is highly collaborative—we need someone who will not just listen but anticipate the needs, concerns, and input from teammates across departments

3. Experience with senior clients. Someone who is an expert at handling themselves and our clients in every imaginable situation

4. Engaging presentation style and visual communication skills—you should be excited about your work and know how to spread that enthusiasm

5. Someone open to feedback who knows how and when to defend design choices.

🍩 Benefit


Please refer 👋 Halo Designers on your application to be considered