UI/UX Designer

TEMINDO (Teknologi Mandiri Indonesia, PT) was established in 2010. TEMINDO is providing business automation solution for wide range of companies in Indonesia.

TEMINDO is providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for SMEs and Large Enterprise in Indonesia. The VIE, name of the ERP Solution, is ease to use in a very protected system, where the system administrator cannot read the data.

🎨 Job Description

  • Redesign, rethink and develop products, from idea to launch. Iterate quickly to get to a design that works (as evidenced by data). Make people fall in love with the product.
  • Produce high-quality designs and prototypes with excellent attention to detail, quickly and effectively.
  • Solve product problems with a focus on the best user experience while balancing company goals, design cohesion, and ease of implementation.

🤹🏻 Skills

  • At least 1 years experience with design, preferably with a shipped website, web app, or mobile application. We want to hear about your experience(s), your approach, your results, and how you process and make product decisions.
  • Highly dependable. Previous experience successfully delivering big projects and deliverables on time, and budget. You must do whatever it takes to meet project deadlines and/or clients deliverables.
  • Great communication skills, positive attitude, and team player, can work and excel in a fast paced and demanding work environment.
  • Prioritize appropriately: Use good judgement to make appropriate tradeoffs to speed up product learning and balance competing, and often changing, priorities.

General Qualifications

  • Truly passionate about good design.
  • Skilled at designing beautiful, easy to use graphic user interfaces that connect emotionally with the user – simplicity will be at the core of everything you do.
  • Unquestionable Fluent English (Spoken & Written). Excellent spoken and written Indonesian. Ability to translate English to Bahasa, and vice versa.


  • Competence and understanding of design and development processes.
  • Solid understanding of the fundamentals in both visual and interactive design.
  • Passion for being involved in the big picture, while fearlessly diving into the details.
  • No ego when it comes to product or design; the focus is always on getting quickly to the right answer and doing what is right for the customer, product, and the company.
  • Interest and experience in startups is a plus, you should be comfortable working in a close-knit team and fast-paced environment.

🍩 Benefit


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