UI/UX Designer

Every business starts with a dream, so also a digital product. The sky is the limit and as soon as you have validated your ideas it is time to set it in motion. We can help you to validate the ideas and plan the project with you. With the experience we bring to the table you can save a lot by not making the same mistakes others made before you and shorten your go to market time.

The way we execute a project is all up to you. We can build it for you from scratch, build it together with you or have a look at your current project and advice what we can do to help you and solve the problems you are facing.

🎨 Job Description

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in design-related discipline: Human-Computer Interaction, Design Planning; Graphic Design, Information or Interface design;
  • Have minimum experience of 1 year in UI/UX field,
  • Have a strong sense of both visual and interaction design, give attention to details and consistency.
  • Have a strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Showing the ability to work in team.
  • Portfolio is a must
  • Familiar using Sketch and Adobe XD

🤹🏻 Skills

🍩 Benefit

Sprout Digital Labs

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