UI/UX Designer

We’re digital brand architects. Our vision is to empower brands to be powerful, relevant, and leading forces in the world. Empowered brands are boldly authentic and confident, with a strong conviction in the value they bring to their customers.

As the UI/UX team, our goal is to help these brands deliver digital experiences that are boldly authentic in a world where change is constant. Right now, our UI/UX team is growing quickly, and we are always searching for talented UI/UX Designers from all walks of life to join our regional design team as we deliver digital experiences and products to our clients.

🎨 Job Description

As a UX/UI Designer, you’ll be a key part of the idea generation process, and you’d be just as happy to be labeled a Creative Technologist,  Analyst; Builder, Maker, or Problem Solver. You love thinking through hard problems and coming up with simple solutions. You have an insanely sharp eye for detail, not just for pixels on a screen but for workflows and customer journeys.

  • You will be providing value to the business through elegant customer-focused designs and conceptualization that provide users with a superior user experience.
  • Your focus will be hands-on design work to craft high-fidelity mockups with modern design and prototyping software (Figma mastery is a must).
  • Under the management of the Head of UI/UX and guidance from the UI/UX Lead, you will be ensuring the designs provided to clients are polished and aim to minimize complexity to the user.
  • You understand that behind any technical decision there is a business need to be fulfilled and are able to communicate that to your team.
  • This role will champion design decisions with a qualified rationale that is justified through their own experience and design research, or through findings from other Design professionals.

🤹🏻 Skills

  • You likely have a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media Design, Multimedia Design, Interaction Design or a technology-related field (or equivalent) with about 2+ years of digital design experience.
  • You are experienced in UI/UX design for digital products, with multiple device types and contexts such as (but not limited to) desktop, tablet, and smartphone.
  • You are comfortable working collaboratively in team settings with fellow UI/UX designers, developers, product owners, and copywriters.
  • You thrive on feedback and critique, responding with creative thinking and iterative design.
  • You are comfortable presenting your work (from sketches to final design) and articulating your design decisions to the design team, product team, and executives for review and feedback.
  • Proficiency in Figma design & prototyping software is a must, whilst additional skills in Aftereffects, LottieFiles, Webflow, Framer, and knowledge in CSS are commendable.

🍩 Benefit

  • A proactive and progressive approach to career development
  • A collaborative and innovative startup culture
  • Open lines of communication to direct managers and senior leadership

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