Product Researcher

Founded in 2013, eFishery is the first Aquaculture Technology startup in Asia that develops innovations in the aquaculture field. eFishery disrupts traditional fish farming methods and provides cutting edge solutions in the aquaculture ecosystem by offering an end-to-end platform that provides access to feed, financing, and market to fish and shrimp farmers. eFishery aims to build an aquaculture ecosystem in Indonesia that is not only profitable but also sustainable to the farmers, buyers, and to all stakeholders.

🎨 Job Description

  • The Product Researcher supports the development of user experiences for a variety of applications.
  • He/she Tightly collabs with Interaction designer or IxD (Digital Product), Industrial Designer (Physical Product), Data Analyst/Scientist, and PMs. De-risk of failure by doing research qualitatively back up wit data from Data Analyst and Market
  • Researcher. Expect for lot's of exciting experimentation here to break the unknown.
  • He/she will Lead foundational, generative, evaluative research and basic service design. Create research tools, and define sampling strategy and research participants based on research objective
  • Provide mentoring and support to other team members and help evolve the research capability to meet dynamic needs
  • Synthesise data to draw conclusions from analyses performed to translate the insight into actionable items
  • Collects and influence meaningful metrics to assess the performance of the product. Clarify the assigned research scope, including its goals, requirements, and expectations.
  • If required, facilitate design workshops. By Initiate, organise, and execute multidisciplinary and cross-functional workshops that consider holistic aspects of user desirability, business viability, and technological feasibility for products and features across the business domains
  • Influence to optimise research operations

🤹🏻 Skills

  • Excellent communication skills and good at facilitation
  • Willing to travel to rural areas
  • At least 3-5 years of experience and portfolio that demonstrates design research studies from foundational, generative, and Evaluative.
  • Punctual person or good at time & project management
  • Possesses good communication and interpersonal skills for working effectively in a team, and able to put forth ideas confidently to team members and other stakeholders

🍩 Benefit


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