Product Designer

Gojek is a Super App. It’s one app for ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, and a dozen other products. It is Indonesia’s first and only decacorn. It's also the only Southeast Asian startup to be part of Fortune's list of 'Companies That Changed The World. 'Our Mission: To create and scale positive socio-economic impact for our customers, driver-partners, business, and MSMEs.

The Payment team in GoMerchants is responsible to deliver seamless payment experience using various payment methods across all merchant products from GoBiz to Midtrans. Designers on this team will work on products that help all kinds of merchants, whether its a roadside stall of ayam geprek or a merchant on large e-commerce platform or enterprises, accept payments from their customers.

We are a tight-knit group who are passionate about all-things design (even when we aren't working, you'll probably catch us discussing the latest design-related breakthroughs). We work hard and play hard, and believe it or not, we actually enjoy each other’s company!

🎨 Job Description

Product designers provide the user's point of view to internal discussions and collaborate with the rest of the product team to ensure that users will end up with the best products at hand. With your knowledge of product design and interest in user behaviors and preferences, you will help us solve complex problems with a combination of well-defined flow, wireframes, information architecture, user journeys, and storyboards. In our humble opinion, the coolest part is your ability to own the future of this product, ensure its quality and longevity, and getting to see the results of your efforts in people's everyday lives.

What You Will Do

  • Work under supervision of the product design lead and to improve user experience towards a big goals to help product reach their OKR
  • Define the product briefs and be able to present the ideas/solution to the team under supervision of product design lead
  • Effectively deliver features and improvements in a well-defined scope
  • Define end-to-end wireframe and wireflow for features using standard wireframing tools
  • Document the design process for each feature, such as research findings, ideations, usability testings, release, and monitor the impact after the product release.
  • Contribute in the team cadence discussion and make short presentation to the team, as well as present team’s updates if needed
  • Be responsible of getting buy-in of your solution/ideas from stakeholders
  • Proactively seek/give feedback from other stakeholders to make sure concepts are meeting the intended project goal

🤹🏻 Skills

  • At least 2 years of experience in the product design industry
  • Familiar with data and can identify problem areas, furtherly map out the user journey and break these problems into smaller chunks
  • Use basic analytics tools to gather customer data (funnel)
  • Possess a good knowledge of design fundamentals such as design thinking framework and other framework in order to develop products
  • Able to sketch the ideas into a wireframes, learn how to make wireflow and do wireframing for well defined features
  • Good knowledge of the tools such as Overflow, Miro, Sketch and other wireframing tools that used in the design team especially product design roles
  • Knowledge in design validation, either through quantitative or qualitative research
  • Excellent organizational skills, project management, collaborative teamwork with wide range of stakeholders

🍩 Benefit


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