Product Designer

Gojek is a Super App. It’s one app for ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, and a dozen other products. It is Indonesia’s first and only decacorn. It's also the only Southeast Asian startup to be part of Fortune's list of 'Companies That Changed The World. Our Mission: To create and scale positive socio-economic impact for our customers, driver-partners, business, and MSMEs.

Our OpsPlatform Design team is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and is responsible for projects related to all our "users" - including our customers, driver/merchant partners, and even the Gojek corporation itself. We also work cross-platforms within the mobile, web, or physical world spaces. The gist of our role is to bring to life the support, onboarding, engagement, and growth experience for our users. We envision, design, and build experiences that transcend screens and impact the physical operations of our company. One example of a project we worked on is the GoAgent app - a one-stop platform solution for all our Gojek Agent's needs.

Over the last four years, Gojek Design has grown with the rest of the organization in building over 24 different products for the company. During this time, we have continuously evolved our processes, improved the quality of our outcomes, expanded our reach within the organization, and relentlessly advocated for our users.

Our team, in particular, highly values constructive criticism, passionate debates, and (most importantly) keeping work fun. Our aim is not just to design the products, but to educate everyone around us on what design is, the importance of it, and why it makes sense to always start with the users and work backwards. While we work hard, we do know how to relax and unwind too (especially with WFH becoming so commonplace). You'll find our team exchanging articles on the latest design breakthroughs, sharing photos of our pets, and even debating the latest episode of various TV shows on Netflix.

🎨 Job Description

As our Product Designer for the OpsPlatform, you’ll take the wheel in delivering new features/ feature improvements for well-defined products. More specifically, you’ll be the PIC who will bring the user’s point of view to all product discussions, and collaborate with the Product team to ensure that our users end up with the most intuitive and accessible products & services. With your knowledge of the latest technological breakthroughs and interest in understanding how our users behave, you’ll help us solve user-related problems with a combination of well-defined flows, wireframes, information architectures, user journeys, and storyboards.

What You Will Do

  • Focus on user experience (1-2 streams in particular) and manage expectations with the Product and Engineering teams
  • Influence the Product and Engineering teams to adopt design backlogs that’ll ease user pain points and enhance user experience (like improving micro interactions)
  • Work on diverse problems where an analytical and data-driven approach is needed; be a key contributor with the Product Manager to streamline strategies & OKRs
  • Effectively deliver new feature/feature improvements for products that are already well-defined in scope
  • Define the product briefs and present the ideas/solution to the team
  • Document the design process for each feature, such as research findings, ideations, usability testings, releases, and monitor the product’s impact post-release
  • Be an active contributor to the team’s cadence discussions, and present updates to the team when required
  • Mentor junior designers in the team and participate actively in the hiring process

🤹🏻 Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in the product design industry
  • Comfortable dealing with data; ability to identify problem areas, map out the user journey, and break these problems into smaller, actionable steps forward
  • Experience using basic analytics tools to gather customer data (funnel)
  • Strong knowledge of design fundamentals, such as design thinking frameworks
  • Ability to sketch ideas into a wireframes, make wireflows, and conduct wireframing for well-defined features
  • Experience using wireframing tools - such as Overflow, Miro, and Sketch - in a design team/ product design role context
  • Knowledge in design validation, either through quantitative or qualitative research
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills; ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders

🍩 Benefit


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