Lead Product Designer

BukuKas is a technology startup that helps Indonesian MSMEs understand and manage their financial flows more effectively with easy-to-use digital bookkeeping that traders can download through their smartphones. The company’s vision is to provide an end-to-end software stack for small businesses, helping them digitize their key activities and grow in the internet era.

BukuKas app digitized the physical record keeping books by enabling micro and small enterprises to record their sales, expense and cash transactions at ease using their smart phone. The free app helps micro and small business owners to simplify cash management and help them grow their profits faster. Using the app, business owners can easily track overall business performance and analyze financial trends. It also gives instant visibility to the company’s cash/credit situation at any point in time and help in managing credit, using business dashboards and payment reminders to customers owing money.

The core mission of our UX team is to craft and design experiences that empower our users to achieve their goals and solve their problems intuitively. By understanding our users’ needs, behaviors and emotions, it allows us to create actionable insights to steer our product strategy and design to put users at the core of what we do. Our UX team is made up of researchers and designers who actively practise user-centered methodologies in their everyday work.  We are passionate advocates for intuitive, simple and elegant solutions that just work from our users’ perspective.

🎨 Job Description

User-Centered Interaction Design

  • As a practitioner of user-centered methodologies such as user journey mapping and lean experimentation, you are able to gain a deep understanding of the motivations, mental models and behaviors of our users.
  • Collaborate with UX researchers and product managers to design tests and research to get insights about user behavior and mental models to incorporate in your designs.  
  • You are an expert in fundamental interaction design skills such as:
  • Identify the user’s job-to-be-done and main goals on each step of the flow
  • Explore alternative approaches in terms of interaction flows and information architecture approaches to find the best solution
  • Analyse trade-offs between technical constraints and user needs and make decisions on the best alternative.
  • Conveying design concepts through wireframes, flows and mockups that is reader-friendly

User Interface and Visual Design

You also enjoy the creative process of creating user interfaces and visual design that culminates in a delightful user experience.

  • Able to explore and create different UI solutions and weigh their pros and cons for each design problem
  • Mastery over visual design theories and principles for human visual cognition to improve readability, understanding of the information presented to users and emotional resonance.
  • Strong visual skills to finding the right colors, shapes, fonts and how to layout visual elements to achieve the best outcome for the users
  • You are familiar with mobile app design systems such as Material Design and iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

Design Process

  • Able to facilitate workshops when necessary to encourage collaborative problem solving via brainstorming and structured decision making processes.
  • You are able to manage the design project timeline and discuss priorities and know how best to allocate resources.
  • Contribute to the process of improving our design workflow in collaboration with other designers by maintaining a shared design library, how we manage our design briefs and many more.
  • You have experience working with product managers and engineers through the product lifecycle and am familiar with the process required to ship products to market. As such, you understand the importance of clear and succinct design documentation in product delivery.
  • You can clearly articulate the reasons behind your design decisions and address concerns from other stakeholders.
  • You are proficient in:
  • Visual design tools such as Figma (Preferred), Sketch or XD
  • Prototyping with different fidelity from simple click-throughs to interactive prototypes using Marvel, Invision, Figma, Protopie or Framer.

🤹🏻 Skills

Relevant Experiences

  • Overall 3 to 5 years of hands-on experience as the user-centered design practitioner, with at least 1 year of project management skills or leadership experience in a tech startup environment.
  • Having a strong portfolio with a wide array of experiences creating digital experiences from scratch is a plus.  
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

What it takes

  • You are always looking for a learning opportunity.
  • You are an independent and critical thinker.
  • You thrive in an environment with a short feedback loop, both giving and receiving constructive feedback to help move the team forward.
  • You are able to plan and manage your time well and can anticipate the dependencies of your deliverables with other teammates.

To Apply

  • Send us an email with the header “Lead UX/UI Designer Application” to careers@bukukas.io.
  • Include these following documents in your email:
  • Your resume that details your work experience
  • A portfolio of your past works
  • In your portfolio, please include one or two case studies that provide a deepdive explanation of the design challenge, your problem solving process from start to finish.

🍩 Benefit


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