Head of Product Design

Traveloka Design team is tasked with the role of humanising technology – the one who has the most relevant expertise in understanding human values and life experiences – using systematic approaches such as the Human Centred Design methodology in delighting users and customers through Traveloka product offerings.

Comprises of people from the Design, Architecture, Social Sciences, and Computer Science background, we value collaboration and empathy when it comes to producing innovative solutions.

🎨 Job Description

Deliver design output, maintain design quality and aesthetics, and envision new design solutions

1. Influence the product design direction that is aligned with the company’s business growth plan, as well as spreading the innovative culture across the Design department by fostering strong collaboration with the Business Units and relevant Departments

2. Guide the product design teams through Human Centred Design project cycles (ideation, prototyping, testing/researching, and fine-tuning design for development) ensuring high-quality design deliverables and outcomes

3. Lead the practice of design reviews and help with integrating critique into our projects and culture to champion creative excellence

4. Designing new ways in which Traveloka can deliver value and inspire the markets in which Traveloka serves, including working closely with the Regional design teams.

Influence organisational development

1. Representing the Traveloka Design team point of view externally through through-leadership, by participating in events (from small panel discussions to big keynote address) and/or other published medium (blog, article, podcast)

2. Lead efforts around attracting new members, developing and retaining the design talent, and leveraging our external design community in a manner that supports our portfolio of work, while also embodying our strong company culture

3. Support the systems and processes that allow our teams to do great design work

4. Be willing to take the blame for the whole team’s mistakes, celebrate team recognition instead of individual, be willing to defend for the Design team to non-Design stakeholders

5. Ability to trust other people’s talents and to delegate authority, show the willingness to work comfortably with others, not just alone

6. Oversee the development programmes and provide suggestions to the Learning & Development team for design training topics based on emerging needs from the design team

7. Facilitate headcount planning and hiring decisions for the Design function

8. Address complaints and key concerns impacting the design teams’ morale and performance

🤹🏻 Skillls

1. Minimum 15 years of total work experience, with at least 10 years of project management and 6 years of Design team management, or in a leadership position with a history of strong project management skills, well-versed in data-informed product design and development

2. Minimum of 6 years as a hands-on Designer (education background could range from Visual Communication Design, UI/Interaction Design, Product Design, or any other relevant Digital Design disciplines)

3. A track record of hiring, managing, and mentoring high-performing interdisciplinary design teams4Deep understanding of the eCommerce and/or digital travel and lifestyle industries, extra points for having successfully deliver products in/for the SE Asia and/or regional markets.

4. Deep understanding of the eCommerce and/or digital travel and lifestyle industries, extra points for having successfully deliver products in/for the SE Asia and/or regional markets

5. The ability to form consensus across a broad, fast-moving organization through excellent communication and interpersonal skills (including: negotiation, constructive feedback, presentation, managing expectations)

6. Portfolio that showcases design craft with deep understanding of the Human Centered Design methodology (along with its methods and tools), willingness to learn and iterate, and passionate about design and storytelling

7. A deep sense of accountability, adaptability, and embracing ambiguity working in a fast-paced environment

8. Fluency in English communications (both verbal and written).

To apply, please provide:

1. Your CV/resume

2. A cover letter on why you think you are a good fit for this role

3. A portfolio that showcases a list of work that spans across your career (especially the most recent case studies, bonus if there are some digital UX work), outlining the problem you are trying to solve, how did you find your inspiration and how you resolved it, what was your role, and the impact of the project.

4. In a few sentences, let us know which design project you are most proud of in your career and why is it so or what makes it so?

🍩 Benefit


Please refer 👋 Halo Designers on your application to be considered